Ways to Give

Each gift is valuable to us – with the donations, we develop the prerequisites for education and research as well as the research infrastructure. The matched investment of the Government will be directed to the basic capital of the University of Turku.

The Government is prepared to invest up to three times the sum of the donations received between 1 November 2014 and 30 June 2017 by the Finnish universities.

You can support the activities of the University of Turku by making a gift to the University’s basic capital or to a specific field of education.

Thank you for your interest towards giving to the University of Turku! Below you can read more about the different ways to give.

Making a donation to the University’s basic capital

Donations that are given to the University’s activities without conditions that limit the allocation of the funding are eligible to the matched funding by the Government. The University decides on the allocation of the donated funds so that it best supports the University’s activities and mission.

The Government will match only gratuitous monetary donations. You can bequeath shares, property or other material gifts, immaterial rights or bequests but they will not be eligible for the matched-funding scheme of the Government.

Ineligible donations for the matched investment:

  • the donations from companies that are part of the University corporation or from the funds or foundations that are close to the University
  • donations from the State-owned companies with special assignments excluding State-owned companies operating on market terms
  • donations from municipalities or from majority-owned or associated public companies, or from the utilities of municipalities
  • donations from communities mainly financed by public funds or public corporations with the power to levy and collect taxes (e.g. universities of applied sciences, congregations). Exceptions to this are donations from student unions and student nations and from companies owned by them. In addition, donations from chambers of commerce that are not publicly-funded corporations are eligible for the matched-funding scheme.

If you are interested in making a gift, but are unsure whether the planned donation is eligible for the matched funding by the Government, please contact us.

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Making a donation to a field of education

If an individual donation exceeds 10,000 euro (approximately USD 12,000), it can be allocated to a certain field of education of the University of Turku. The donation cannot bind the use of the University’s other funds. The University’s fields of education are:

  • ondontology
  • humanities
  • education
  • economics
  • natural sciences
  • medicine
  • law
  • psychology
  • technical sciences
  • health sciences
  • social sciences

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